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                  WHO WE ARE                                                    WHAT WE DO

Private Wealth Management is our premier service. The clients who benefit the most from our service are generally successful professionals, some who are now entering their retirement years and wish to delegate their financial planning issues to a trusted advisor so they can be free to pursue a higher quality of life. They tend to be values-centered and they want to make smart choices about their money based upon what is important to them.

As your trusted advisor, we coordinate a professional resource team of specialists including Certified Financial Planners, Certified Public Accountants, Estate Attorneys, Investment Managers and Insurance Professionals to deliver our Private Wealth Management Service.  The implementation of your plan and the monitoring of your progress over time is all a part of Private Wealth Management. 

At TFS, The Private Wealth Management Client Experience is characterized by special value-added services that may include... 

  • An annually updated Financial Road Map, which focuses on your values, goals and benchmarking your progress. It is reviewed with your tax and legal advisors.
  • An annually updated implementation plan, which summarizes the financial plan into a simple chronological list of action items.
  • Periodic progress reports that summarize the assets and the progress made toward your expressed goals.
  • Annual income tax planning to estimate and minimize taxes and forestall any surprises in April. 
  • Periodic reviews of your estate plan. We'll review it more frequently if congress changes the rules or if something in your situation changes.
  • Assistance with cash, debt management, bill paying, record keeping, and major purchases as needed.
  • Periodic Insurance reviews to determine whether you actually need insurance, how much you need and also determine, based on your stage of life, what the right type of insurance for you would be.
  • Ongoing attention to milestones and goals and a game plan for accomplishing those goals, and updating the game plan when the financial plan is updated annually.

We feel the accomplishment of your goals is the greatest evidence that you have made smart choices about your money. It allows you to focus on the things in life that are really important to you. That is the mission of Private Wealth Management.