Insurance is an integral part of most wealth management strategies.  At TFS, we feel that you should be free to choose the offerings that BEST suit your needs and goals — rather than having to push proprietary products or meet sales quotas. Founded in 1968, TFS Insurance Brokerage is a nationally-recognized Master General Agent and Independent Marketing Organization which represents more than 50 carriers for the distribution of Life Insurance, Annuities, Long Term Care Insurance, Disability Insurance, Health Insurance, Employee Benefits, Wellness Programs, and Medicare Supplements.  We empower our advisors and offer the tools they need to help you find the options that fit your unique situations.

Our high volume has earned our firm the top contractual arrangements with premier insurance carriers in each of these fields. TFS will deliver comprehensive coverage to our clients at a reasonable cost, while offering our associates the highest level of support and service available in the industry.

TFS Insurance Brokerage – Available Services:

  • Top rated carriers (A.M. Best, Weiss, S&P, Moody’s)
  • Competitive 10,15,20,25 and 30-year term
  • Fixed, Universal and Second-to-Die Contracts Available
  • Wide array of Fixed and Equity Indexed Annuities
  • Advanced Planning and Case Design
  • Sub-standard and Impaired Risk underwriting
  • Large Case Underwriting
  • Access to an In-House Underwriter
  • Very liberal underwriting; high non-medical and inspection requirements
  • Real-time 24/7 Case Status Available Online