TFS Wealth Management Process

The TFS Wealth Management Process

We are your financial advocate.  We focus our attention on learning about what is most important to you and what you want out of life – for yourself, your family, and your future. We start by helping you pinpoint your goals and assess where you are relative to those goals.  

We invest considerable time with you on our Discovery Process. We want to know what makes you tick:

  • What are your personal values?
  • What are your needs, wants, goals, and dreams?
  • What is your family dynamic?
  • What fears or concerns keep you up at night?
  • What experiences have shaped your financial decisions?

We help you to keep your financial affairs clear, organized, current, and accessible to you whenever you want, wherever you are.

We evaluate your options and offer you alternatives designed to help you attain your goals. Our greatest value comes from carrying you through the implementation process.

We employ a comprehensive, goal-oriented financial planning approach that utilizes sophisticated technology solutions to maximize the efficiency of your plan and provide optimal results towards the achievement of your goals.

Ongoing Planning, Reporting, Monitoring, & Communication

We monitor your plan and track your progress every day.  We understand that life often changes in a split second!  Your plan is designed to be flexible in response to any unexpected events and life changes.  To do this, we must provide:

  • The Complete Financial Picture
    • We link all of your financial accounts to provide a complete, updated view of your entire Financial Picture.  This allows us to perform our analysis and ongoing planning recommendations in the context of current market conditions.
  • The Daily Snapshot
    • Our on-demand, Daily Snapshot of your progress alerts you to any factors that may affect your ability to achieve your goals. This level of organization relieves you of this burden and allows you to focus on what is most important to your family.
  • Real-time Collaboration
    • The TFS Wealth Management System provides you and our team with a secure view of your financial progress, and allows us to collaborate with you and your other financial professionals for interactive, online planning, anytime, anywhere.
  • Your Personal Financial Web Portal
    • TFS provides you access to the TFS Private Client Account Access Portal, a secure, fully-encrypted window into your comprehensive financial position.
  • Organization
    • Check balances, holdings, activity, and cash flow from your brokerage and direct assets, with the option to consolidate any other “held-away” accounts including bank accounts, credit cards, mortgages, debts, and 401(k)s. 
  • Account Management
    • You can open accounts, deposit or withdraw funds, initiate transfers, and access statements and tax documents. 
  • Cash Flow Planning
    • Track your spending across all accounts.  Establish, maintain, and adjust your budget to ensure you meet your saving goals.
  • Personal Financial Vault
    • Safely store your most important personal and financial documents for easy access anytime, anywhere.
  • Secure Mobile Access
    • All of these tools are available through TFS Custom Mobile Access on your Apple or Android Smartphone.

Everyone at TFS is comitted to your personal and financial success.  The first step is the most important step.  We encourage you to take that step today.  Remember the words of President Abraham Lincoln: 

            “The best way to predict your future is to create it!”